Dance studio software with advanced 24/7 access control

24/7 access control system with dance studio software

Dance studio software with access control system built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Be smart with your studio’s security

Get instant access to real-time data for optimal insights into your studio’s utilization and security. Take smart steps to provide the best experience for your members on every visit, using Wellyx Dance studio software’s advanced access control system designed specifically for dance studios.

Dance studio software for Smart security solution
Stay one step ahead
Wellyx dance studio software provide uninterrupted entry to your dance studio
Always open, always connected

Uninterrupted member access, even when offline

Provide your members with 24/7 uninterrupted access to your dance studio even when they are out of the internet. Our system works fine online and offline, not letting unauthorized persons enter the facility.
Wellyx Dance studio software with Instant access to main facility entrance

Easily handle your dance studio using our comprehensive dance studio software solution. Set up distinct access levels across your facility, grant access instantly, and fetch crucial information on member engagement. With our user-friendly interface, you can supervise your studio from any location at any time.

Secure your studio with all ease

Our dance studio software’s check-in system offers a solution accessible from any device. With dance studio software, members can use multiple access options, such as cards, mobile phones, fobs, and wristbands.

Wellyx Dance studio check-in system
Effortless entry, elevated experiences
Dance studio software with 24/7 touchless access control system
Integrate, access, thrive

Offer touchless studio access

Access control and management feature of our dance studio software and hardware that work together to boost productivity levels at your dance studio. Offer convenience to members with desired access keys including fob key, QR code, Bluetooth connectivity, and mobile app access.

Dance studio software feedback client Danza Ballet Academy

The customer support provided by Wellyx is outstanding. Whenever we have encountered any issues or questions, their support team has been prompt and helpful. They truly go above and beyond to ensure we have a smooth experience. We’re grateful to have their support!

Daniel Johnson


Frequently Asked Questions

Members can unlock doors using their mobile phones connected via Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication) cards, or fobs. This flexibility ensures that each member can choose the method that suits them best.

You can easily set time-based restrictions for your dance studio. This feature ensures that members can only access the area during specific time slots, allowing you to manage facility usage effectively.

Wellyx Dance studio software is designed to be compatible with various door systems. Our software can be integrated easily if you have existing strike locks or turnstiles.

You can monitor and review access logs to keep a record of member entry activity. This enhances security and provides valuable insights into member engagement and dance usage patterns.

Access privileges can be automatically revoked, ensuring only active members can access the studio facilities.

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