Dance studio software to reward loyal members

Retain, engage, and excel through the dance studio software's loyalty program

Dance studio software with loyalty program built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Achieve member’s delight through a loyalty program

One size does not fit all when it comes to customer loyalty. Our dance studio software’s loyalty program feature allows you to tailor rewards and incentives based on member preferences, purchase history, and engagement levels. From exclusive discounts and personalized offers to freebies and VIP access, you have the flexibility to create a factor of delight among the targeted audience.

Dance studio software with rewards system for motivating members
Points for progress
Wellyx Dance studio studio software for engaging customer with reward point system
Points tracking, loyalty unlocked

Give them rewards, make them loyal

Encourage your members by letting them earn and redeem reward points to stay loyal to your studio. Provide them with a program through which they can earn points on every visit, every class, and every activity they take part in. Using dance studio software’s loyalty program feature, you can enable them to redeem their earned points through your branded app, online store, and POS to maximize their trust and affiliation with your studio.

Dance studio software for easy tracking rewards points

Our dance studio software's loyalty program feature is designed to help you elevate customer loyalty and drive business growth. By offering tailored rewards and incentives, utilizing streamlined communication channels, and leveraging data-driven insights, you can create personalized experiences that keep your members engaged and loyal.

Monitor effortlessly and communicate easily

You can enable your dance studio members to redeem their earned points through multiple channels while purchasing. Dance studio software’s loyalty program feature can be easily integrated with your CRM, point-of-sale, and e-commerce platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient management. Maximize the power of your customer data and leverage it to drive loyalty, increase retention, and boost your bottom line.

Wellyx Dance studio software to manage and record all client data
One solution, endless referrals
Wellyx Dance software with referral program feature
Engagement meets rewards

Encourage your members for referrals

Provide your members with opportunities to earn additional points and participate in a variety of dance studio initiatives by referring friends, family, and colleagues to your studio.
Dance studio software feedback client Danza Ballet Academy

The customer support provided by Wellyx is outstanding. Whenever we have encountered any issues or questions, their support team has been prompt and helpful. They truly go above and beyond to ensure we have a smooth experience. We’re grateful to have their support!

Daniel Johnson


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dance studio software enables members to redeem their earned points for various purposes. This adds an extra incentive for members to actively participate and engage with your Dance.

You can define specific reward programs for each membership or class, ensuring that the rewards align with the preferences and goals of your members.

Members can earn points for their activities. This motivates members to stay committed to their fitness journey and enhances their overall experience at your dance studio. 

Wellyx Dance software supports multiple membership types and pricing. We offer flexibility in managing various membership plans and pricing structures suitable to your Dance’s needs.

Absolutely! The software enables automated notifications and reminders. You can customize and schedule messages for various purposes, ensuring effective communication and member engagement.

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