Extend your member base and lead conversion with creative marketing and retention tools

Marketing tools Exclusively for Dance Studios

Effortlessly connect with members through two-way emails

Take your email campaigns to the next level with Wellyx Dance studio software’s efficient email delivery system and user-friendly email template creator.

Dance studio's efficient email communication platform
SMS Text Icon

SMS Text

Boost member engagement with a powerful SMS marketing tool.

WhatsApp Icon


Increase your studio's memberships and improve retention using our WhatsApp marketing tool.

Push Notifications Icon

Push Notifications

Keep your members and clients updated about new offers through in-app push notifications.

Wellyx Dance studio software with effortless data collection for insightful analysis

Simplify the process of collecting data and gain valuable insights

Using our dance studio software’s easy-to-setup data collection forms, you can accumulate important data from your leads and members.

Page Builder Icon

Page Builder

Design and customize visually captivating landing pages to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Pop-up Builder Icon

Pop-up Builder

Create and automate eye-catching pop-ups to advertise exclusive deals.

Google & Facebook Integration Icon

Google & Facebook Integration

Integrate social platforms into your marketing software for tracking and gaining insights.

Custom Contact Lists Icon

Custom Sign-up Forms

With Wellyx Dance studio software perfectly integrate contact forms into your website for easy sign-ups of future members.

Member Tags Icon

Member Specific Tags

Create personalized workflows that enhance member communication and drive higher engagement and conversion levels.

AI Generated Content Icon

AI Content Generator

Use AI-powered tools to generate and improve your marketing campaign content automatically.

Custom Contact Lists for Yoga Studio Icon

Traffic Analysis Dashboard

Track and view delivery receipts for emails, SMS texts, WhatsApp messages, and push notifications.

Yoga Member Specific Tags Icon

Unique Workflows Creator

Create personalized workflows to maximize member communication and boost engagement and conversion rates.

AI Generated Content Icon

Accelerate Customer Journey

Use this tactic for free trials, paid trials, and as a means to collect payment information. Bring your potential customer closer to becoming a full-fledged member.

Keep your members engaged and motivated for more

Adopting one-to-one communication, automated reminders, tracking progress, and offering customized promotions will boost member retention for your dance studio and minimize customer churn.
Dance studio software with member retention to ensure success
Loyalty Program Icon

Loyalty Program

Boost member retention and drive repeat business by offering special rewards and incentives.

Promo & Discount Codes Icon

Promo & Discount Codes

Effectively handle marketing campaigns, attract customers, and boost sales for your dance studio.

Retention Tracking Icon

Retention Tracking

Analyze areas for improvement and work on the weak areas to increase member retention rates.

Wellyx Dance studio software with multi channel marketing strategies

Increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies and boost lead conversions

Use Wellyx Dance studio software’s various communication channels, such as email, SMS, and social media, to effectively reach your target audience and ensure your message resonates with them at their most engaged moments. Tailor your content according to their demographics and preferences, and automate campaigns to nurture potential members throughout their membership journey.

Trigger-based Communication Icon

Personalized Communication

Implement automated messaging tailored to your members' preferences and behaviors.

Precise Delay Control Icon

Precise Delay Control

Improve your strategy with flexible follow-up and reminder options through email.

Action Based Split Journeys Icon

Action-Based Communication

Divide your member base into segments and design communication accordingly.

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