Dance studio software for better success rate

Powerful marketing features for your dance studio

Dance studio software with marketing system built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Automatic yet effective marketing campaigns

Say no to the hassle of managing multiple marketing tools. Our dance studio software’s marketing automation consolidates everything you need in a single platform, empowering you to automate and create more targeted and member-centric drip campaigns.

Dance studio software with advertising campaign
Embrace connectivity and collaboration
Dance studio software for Personalized interactions with audience
Path to email marketing excellence

Engage your audience in one-on-one conversations

You can trustfully rely on dance studio software’s marketing automation feature for dance studios to send marketing messages through SMS and WhatsApp to engage members, leads, and members in one-on-one conversations easily and quickly.

Dance studio software for advertising solution

Dance studio software lets you access key business benchmarks, including opens, clicks, delivery, and conversions, to help you make data-driven decisions to set your dance studio apart from the rest.

Keep your members coming back

Utilizing personalized messaging and adopting a member-centric marketing approach, along with the comprehensive range of marketing tools at your disposal, you can foster strong connections that inspire loyalty and encourage repeat business from your members.
Wellyx Dance studio software with Member retention strategies
Engage members with ease and speed
Dance studio software with Marketing tactics
Drive conversions with targeted automation

Measure your success to make smart decisions

Monitor and evaluate your marketing strategies by tracking metrics and receiving client feedback. Get a quick overview of your marketing performance and read member reviews through dance studio software’s detailed reports and charts. Use reports on new visits, memberships, revenue, and other data to analyze and make informed decisions on your campaigns.

Dance studio software feedback client dancem

Wellyx has simplified our administrative tasks immensely. With features like class management and reporting, we have streamlined our operations and gained valuable insights into our studio’s performance. It has been an invaluable asset to our business growth. Highly recommend it to fellow dance studio owners

Victoria Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

With dance studio software, you have the power to create highly tailored marketing campaigns and establish rules to govern their execution.

Our software enables you to set up automated marketing campaigns that deliver messages at predefined intervals or trigger-based events.

Dance studio software provides a user-friendly pop-up builder feature, allowing you to create eye-catching and engaging pop-ups for your promotions.

Dance studio software helps you to create dedicated pages enriched with online widgets to enhance your online presence. Further, you can integrate online devices with your website to ensure members engage with your offerings easily.

With our dance studio software, you can monitor key metrics such as open, click-through, and conversion rates. This valuable data allows you to measure the impact of your campaigns, optimize your marketing strategies, and drive better results.

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