Dance studio software with custom mobile apps

With dance studio software create authenticity with a branded dance studio app

Dance studio software with mobile app built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Give luxury to members to choose what they need

Having your dance studio app on their phones, your members get control over their learning journey, empowering them to stay engaged with your studio, improve loyalty, and increase their spending on your services, products, and facilities.

Dance studio with dedicated dance mobile customer app
Offer 24/7 online access for members
Dance studio with staff mobile app
Achieve operational excellence with our app

Ease out all the operations for your staff with dance studio software

Providing your staff with an app to keep things at their fingertips always helps improve their productivity. It lets your staff members stay informed and equipped with pertinent information by having access to booking, scheduling, access control, attendance tracking, and to other role-based administrative aspects of your dance studio.
Dance studio software with Mobile connectivity and dance studio online booking system

Dance studio software mobile app keeps your staff and members connected to your studio at every touchpoint, whether it is checking in to your facility, making payments, scheduling classes, or booking private sessions. It provides a seamless experience resulting in increased satisfaction and improved rewards for your dance studio.

Improve your brand’s identity with dance studio software

With our dance studio software get a branded app for your dance studio with your brand logo, desired theme, and color, leveraging our white-label capabilities of creating custom apps. Branded apps are a great way of fostering brand awareness among members, clients, and leads.

Dance studio software with branded app
Express your brand identity
Dance studio software for flexible and secure facility access
From convenience to confidence

Secured access to your studio

With dance studio software provide the freedom to your dance studio members to access the facility when and how they want using the keyless access feature of the dance studio app, enhancing the member experience and ensuring streamlined yet uncompromised access control.

Dance studio software feedback wdanc

I can’t imagine running my dance studio without Wellyx, it is the best dance studio software I have ever used. The attendance tracking feature has made it effortless to monitor student participation, and the built-in communication tools have improved our studio-parent communication. It’s been a valuable asset to our business.

Olivia Anderson


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