Manage everything, plan ahead to boost members and lead interactions for your studio

Operations tools Exclusively for Dance Studio

Manage your dance studio operations across multiple locations from one centralized platform

Our comprehensive dance studio software solution enables efficient coordination by allowing you to manage multiple locations and franchise models. With our dance studio software, you can streamline scheduling, member management, reporting, and analytics, ensuring that all aspects of your dance studio operations are handled well.

Dance studio software for All-in-one dance studio management
Comprehensive Scheduler icon

Comprehensive Scheduler

Efficiently manage your class schedules, bookings, and resources in a centralized system.

Track your Inventory

Track Your Inventory

Ensure that the inventory needs of your dance studio are met, guaranteeing the efficient allocation of resources.

Manage Your Leads & Members

Manage Your Leads & Members

Our system enables excellent relationship management, allowing you to nurture leads and engage members.

Dance studio software to Track dance studio metrics

Gain a more thorough understanding of how your dance studio is performing

Keep track of member attendance, revenue, class popularity, and other important metrics. Identify areas that need improvement, gain insight into member preferences, and customize your offerings to meet their needs with Wellyx Dance studio software..

Waiting Lists Icon

24/7 Access Control

Maintain a controlled environment while providing round-the-clock access for your dance studio members.

Online Widget Bookings

Digital Forms & Waivers

Our dance studio software simplifies the collection and management of information, ensuring an efficient registration process.

Mobile App Based Icon

Mobile Apps

Our user-friendly and intuitive apps allow your members to manage their dance practice from anywhere easily.

Analytic & Conversion Data Icon

Analytics & Conversion Data

Gain valuable insights into member behavior and effectively measure their effectiveness to make informed decisions based on data.

Attendance Tracking Icon

Attendance Tracking

Effortlessly track member attendance, efficiently manage class capacities, and streamline check-in processes.

Facility Rental​ Icon

Facility & Asset Rental

Make the process of renting out dance studio facilities and assets easier and maximize opportunities to generate revenue.

GEO Tagging Icon

GEO Tagging

Effectively monitor and oversee staff locations with Wellyx Dance studio software to ensure efficient task allocation.

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program Icon

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program

Consider implementing a loyalty program that is easy to use and offers incentives to encourage member loyalty and retention.

Google Calendar Integration Icon

Google Calendar Integration

With the integration of Google Calendar, you can easily coordinate and conveniently access all the activities happening at your dance studio.

Easily create and manage personalized membership and package options

With Wellyx Dance studio software provide customizable plan options catering to your dance studio’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring they align with your objectives.

Dance studio software with Custom dance studio memberships and packages
Dance Studio Software Personal Training

Personal Training

Improve the effectiveness of your PT services by utilizing specialized tools for scheduling, tracking progress, and facilitating communication with members.

Classes & Events

Classes & Events

Effectively manage and arrange your dance studio's classes and events, including scheduling, registration, and tracking attendance.

Product Management icon

Product Management

Effortlessly handle and sell merchandise within your dance studio using the built-in inventory tracking feature.

Wellyx Dance studio software with Retail excellence

Simplify and optimize your dance studio's retail operations

Our dance studio software’s point-of-sale system functions as a valuable tool to optimize sales opportunities and create a seamless retail experience for members of your dance studio.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Improve member satisfaction by providing privileges that can be easily managed through our software.

Refunds & Tips Icon

Refunds & Tips

Guarantee smooth financial transactions and deliver exceptional customer service.

Dance Studio Hardware Device Icon

Your Dance Studio, Your Hardware

Experience compatibility with the hardware devices that are most suitable for your dance studio's operations.

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