Dance studio software for easy bookings

Skyrocket your revenue with dance studio software's booking feature

Dance studio software with online bookings built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Simplify your booking process

Experience simple yet intuitive booking management with user-friendly dance studio software. Using a dance class booking system tailored specifically for your dance studio, keep members, leads, and members engaged and achieve maximum revenue.

Dance studio software with convenient online dance class booking
Book anywhere, practice anytime
Wellyx Dance studio software with automated bookings reminder
Expand your reach

Automate your communication and never miss a booking

Ensure an effortless booking experience by providing members with real-time availability information. Additionally, dance studio software’s automated reminders will help reduce no-shows and keep your schedule optimized.

Wellyx Dance studio software with booking management

Make bookings easier and more efficient with our dance studio software's class booking feature to increase revenue and attract more members. Let's take your booking management to new heights together.

Customizable booking widgets

With customizable booking widgets, you can effortlessly embed the booking functionality into your website, making it convenient for your members to book your services. Improve your online existence and attract more clients and leads with a seamless booking experience.

Dance studio software with customized bookings
Powerful pages, boundless possibilities
Dance studio software with comprehensive reports and analytics to improve decision power
Attention-grabbing brilliance

Make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition

Access key booking metrics and insights, including booking volume, revenue, and market trends. Get comprehensive reports and analytics with dance studio software’s online class booking feature, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your business strategies.

Dance studio software feedback client dancem

Wellyx has simplified our administrative tasks immensely. With features like class management and reporting, we have streamlined our operations and gained valuable insights into our studio’s performance. It has been an invaluable asset to our business growth. Highly recommend it to fellow dance studio owners

Victoria Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

Dance studio software provides a seamless online booking feature that allows members to schedule their desired classes and sessions conveniently.

Our software allows members to fill out necessary forms online while booking conveniently on the go.

The benefit log feature in Wellyx dance studio software provides members with a clear overview of the benefits and perks associated with their bookings. Members can track their rewards, discounts, or special offers tied to their bookings, enhancing their overall experience and motivating continued engagement.

Yes, dance software automatically sends confirmation notifications to members for online bookings.

Whether members need to reschedule a class, switch sessions, or cancel a booking, they can conveniently make these changes through their online profiles, ensuring their plans remain flexible.

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