Dance studio software with Facility management and Rental system

Simplify your rental process with the best dance studio software

Dance studio software with facility rental built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Boost your revenue with asset and facility rental services

Enhance your profitability by disclosing your dance studio for rental. Wellyx Dance studio software’s facility rental feature simplifies the entire rental process, streamlining the entire rental process. Enhance your studio’s profitability by making it easy to rent your space, maximizing your facility’s utilization, and generating additional income.

Dance studio software for Boost revenue with facility rental services
From spaces to profits
Dance studio software for Asset and Facility Management

Dance studio software's assets rental feature is the ultimate solution for optimizing your dance studio's asset management and facility rental processes. With effortless asset tracking, seamless facility rental management, flexible booking options, efficient billing and invoicing, customizable contracts, and insightful reporting, our software empowers you to maximize profitability and take your studio to new heights of success.

No more manual reminders and updates

Experience the efficiency and productivity boost of automated notifications that keep your members informed and your staff up to date. With Wellyx Dance studio software embrace the power of automation and enjoy the benefits of streamlined communication in your dance studio.

Dance studio software with automated scheduling and reminders
Timely notifications, smooth scheduling
Dance studio software feedback wdanc

I can’t imagine running my dance studio without Wellyx, it is the best dance studio software I have ever used. The attendance tracking feature has made it effortless to monitor student participation, and the built-in communication tools have improved our studio-parent communication. It’s been a valuable asset to our business.

Olivia Anderson


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