Dance studio software for smooth payment processing

Dance studio software with more efficient way to manage your dance studio’s transactions

Dance studio software with POS system built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Focus on members, don’t get stuck in numbers

Running a dance studio involves more than just crunching numbers. As a dance studio owner, your passion lies in helping people look and feel their best. That’s why integrating Wellyx dance studio software’s point-of-sale system in your studio is crucial; it simplifies routine tasks and makes transaction management a breeze.

Wellyx Dance studio software with Transaction management
From revenue to insights
Dance studio software branded mobile app with pos
Payment versatility, member satisfaction

Make lasting connections through a mobile app

Give your members the convenience they crave by providing them with a branded mobile app. This app serves as a centralized platform for booking, confirming, or canceling appointments, eliminating the need for lengthy phone calls. With everything accessible through the app, both your members and staff save valuable time.
Wellyx Dance studio software with pos to track revenue and sales

By implementing dance studio software's POS system, you can streamline your transaction processes, enhance member satisfaction, and focus on what truly matters, the success of your studio and the happiness of your valued members.

Make payments easy and faster

Our dance studio software’s point-of-sale feature integrates seamlessly with hardware, enabling online payments for all dance studio products and services. Members can choose to pay at the time of scheduling, allowing them to leave feeling their best without waiting in line. Additionally, they can prepay for their weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments, offering both convenience and efficient tracking of member accounts. The dance studio software’s POS system also facilitates the use of promo codes and provides online payment receipts.

Dance studio software point of sale with flexible payment methods
Unchain yourself from limitations
Dance studio software with Secure Dance point-of-sale system
From terminals to hardware, we've got you covered

Ensure transaction security

Rest assured that both you and your members can trust dance studio software’s point-of-sale system. We prioritize data security and adhere to the PCI Level I standard, safeguarding all financial information to maintain the highest level of protection.

Dance studio software feedback client Danza Ballet Academy

The customer support provided by Wellyx is outstanding. Whenever we have encountered any issues or questions, their support team has been prompt and helpful. They truly go above and beyond to ensure we have a smooth experience. We’re grateful to have their support!

Daniel Johnson


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The dance software’s POS feature allows you to park a sale and retrieve it later. If a customer needs to pause their transaction or make adjustments, you can easily save their deal and access it when they’re ready to complete the purchase.

Yes, Wellyx Dance software’s POS feature supports discounts on purchases. You can apply discounts directly from the POS system, ensuring accurate and seamless customer discount management.

The dance studio software’s POS feature offers customers the convenience of directly emailing invoices. After completing a sale, you can effortlessly send the invoice to the member’s email address.

The dance sudio software’s POS system supports various payment methods. You can accept payments in cash or credit cards, providing your members with flexible options for completing their transactions.

Yes, the dance studio software’s POS feature seamlessly integrates with inventory management. When a sale is made, the system automatically updates the inventory, ensuring accurate stock tracking and preventing overselling of products or services.

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