Dance studio software with custom digital forms

Dance studio software to get paperless with digital forms !

Dance studio software with digital forms built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Create unlimited customized forms with dance studio software

Creating and customizing forms becomes a breeze with our dance studio software’s form and waiver feature. Its intuitive interface allows you to design professional and personalized forms tailored to your dance studio’s needs. You can easily add fields, checkboxes, and electronic signatures to create a seamless and efficient form-filling experience.

Dance studio software with Customized forms
Create your ideal form
Dance studio software for Digital signature
Effortless navigation, essential data

Digital signatures for digital forms

Enable members and their parents or guardians to sign forms electronically, saving time and eliminating the need for paper-based documentation. Our dance studio software’s digital signature feature ensures a secure and legally binding process, providing peace of mind for your studio and your members.

Dance studio software Digital forms automated management

From effortless form creation and customization to automated management, efficient communication, and legal protection, our dance studio software empowers you to streamline your form and waiver processes. Embrace it and experience a new level of efficiency, organization, and peace of mind.

Take communication to the next level with dance studio software

You can effortlessly send reminders and notifications to dancers and their parents regarding upcoming forms or waivers. No more missed deadlines or forgotten paperwork. Stay connected with your dance studio community, ensuring a smooth and consistent flow of information.

Dance studio software with Automated communication management
From forms to contracts
Dance studio software for secure data management for your dance studio
From paper to progress

Ensure compliance and protection

Forms and waivers play a crucial role in ensuring compliance and protecting your dance studio legally. With Wellyx Dance studio software you can maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations by creating forms and agreements that adhere to industry standards. Protect your studio and members with properly documented and legally binding forms and waivers.

Dance studio software feedback client dancem

Wellyx has simplified our administrative tasks immensely. With features like class management and reporting, we have streamlined our operations and gained valuable insights into our studio’s performance. It has been an invaluable asset to our business growth. Highly recommend it to fellow dance studio owners

Victoria Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

You can add fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more to capture the information you need from your members.

When a member makes a booking, the necessary forms, such as waivers or questionnaires, are automatically generated and associated with their reservation.

Yes! we understand the importance of disclaimers and terms & conditions. Our software allows you to include these legal documents within your digital forms. Members can read and agree to them digitally.

You can search, filter, and export data as needed, enabling you to manage member records and stay organized efficiently.

Members can conveniently fill out the forms on their preferred device, enhancing the user experience and allowing for greater flexibility in completing necessary documentation.

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