Dance studio software for optimized membership management

Streamline your membership management with dance studio software

Dance studio software with memberships management built Exclusively for Dance Studios

Personalized memberships & packages

Using our dance studio software offer a personalized experience to your studio members through memberships and packages covering group classes, private lessons, and dance courses tailored to their needs, motivating them to come back for more purchases.

Dance studio software for memberships
Create what suits your members
Dance studio software for activity monitoring
Select the payment method of your choice

Easy & efficient member’s activity tracking

Our dance studio software helps you keep track of payments and member activities so that you can make data-driven decisions about your dance studio’s future. Get rid of the administrative burden and focus on what matters most.

Wellyx dance studio software with customized membership management

Let dance studio software customize and streamline your studio’s membership plans tailored to your members’ needs. It enables you to create bespoke membership and package plans accessible through online store widget and customer app.

Offer unlimited member benefits

Integrating dance studio’s class bookings, studio services, products, and easy access to endless benefits besides membership can help you ensure a seamless member experience, inspiring your members to deepen their practice and stay loyal to your studio.

Dance studio software with the member benefits program
Unlimited benefits for unparalleled satisfaction
Dance studio software with flexible payment options
Manage your data through centralized platform

Adaptable payment plans with Dance studio software

From monthly membership plans to packages and class passes, you can give your studio members the freedom to choose what works best for them to achieve their goals and experience their commitment soaring.
Dance studio software feedback Dance vision

Wellyx has transformed how we handle payments. The software’s payment processing system is secure and reliable, and it has made collecting fees from our students a breeze. It has simplified our financial management and saved us so much time. It’s an excellent solution for dance studio owners!

Sophia Roberts


Frequently Asked Questions

You can set up recurring payment options for memberships, allowing members to conveniently pay on a monthly or recurring basis. Additionally, upfront payment options with dance studio software can be configured for packages or long-term memberships.

Dance studio software offers time-based access control, allowing you to define specific time slots or hours for different membership types. It helps you streamline facility usage and deliver a personalized experience to your members.

These options include access to classes, discounted rates on additional services or products, guest passes, referral incentives, and more.

Our centralized dance studio software ensures easy access to accurate member data, enabling efficient membership management and personalized member interactions.

Yes, dance studio software offers automated membership renewal reminders. These reminders can be configured to notify members before their membership expiration dates, ensuring they stay informed and can renew their memberships promptly.

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